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Please note this is a drop ship item which cannot be combined with any other products in the same order. Please place a separate order for these. IT IS ALSO NOT SHIPPED UNTIL END OF September DEPENDING ON CONDITIONS AND LOCATION. (IF YOU ARE BELOW NORTHERN NSW YOUR KITS WILL BE SENT TO YOU IN OCTOBER DUE TO COLD CLIMATE)

These beautiful Chrysalis Kits offer a beautiful opportunity to watch and observe the transformation of a Chrysalis to a butterfly.

Your butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis within 4-12 days depending on the temperatures in your room and during the transit.

Mesh cube colour selected at random.


While we will try to send your items as quickly possible and as close to your selected date, please allow up to two weeks before the dispatch date.  If there are any delays, we will notify you.  We send Butterfly Hatching Kits via overnight Express Post service to minimise the transit time as much as possible. We usually send orders on Mondays.  Even with Overnight Express, they may take a few extra days to arrive to regional and remote areas. Please, enquire via email or contact form, if you have any delivery-related questions.

We will try to send you the Monarch chrysalises (see images below)  when we can but, at different times of the year there are limitations in availability and we will send the species available at the time. So the butterfly hatching kit may come with chrysalises of very different textures shapes and colours: green or brown, smooth or slightly spiked and some can even wriggle!  Please let us know, if you only want a Monarch but this could mean a longer wait.

Butterflies require 20C or higher to fly. They will be sleepy at lower temperatures.  The mesh cube supplied is NOT suitable for keeping butterflies for longer than 1-2 days.

The butterflies can be kept as pets in a larger enclosure for 3-4 weeks but need to feed them.  It is easy (and fun!) to feed butterflies.  Soak a paper towel in sugary water (1-2 teaspoons of sugar per glass of water) and place it on top of the enclosure. Butterflies are attracted to light and always hang out at the top of the enclosure.  This is where you place your paper towel.  Alternatively, you can get your butterflies to walk on a cotton wool ball soaked in sugary water. They tase with the tips of their legs and as soon as they step on their liquid lunch their proboscis will begin to unroll. Additionally, it’s a very good idea to mist the mesh of your enclosure with water to keep the butterflies hydrated.